Supreme Support Original Purple and Soft Pink


Supreme Support provides a soft, yet firm support to the solar surface of the hoof, is flexible with a tear strength of 85 psi, and is non-toxic. It provides arch and frog support when used with bar or z-bar shoes. Use for contracted heels, laminitis, pedal osteitis, navicular syndrome, sensitive soles, frog support, plus many other uses.

Recommendation: Trim and prepare the hoof in a normal fashion. Equal amounts of each material are mixed by hand to an even color. At this point cure time is 5-7 minutes at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Shape your shoe, mix Supreme Support and prepare to apply. Supreme Support works best and provides maximum support and protection of the foot when used with a Grand Circuit Stabilizer or Protector Plate.

All bar shoes are enhanced with its soft support.

Steve's Helpful Hint: A 5/16" hole drilled through the shoe or Stabilizer over the affected area will allow the Supreme Support to extrude through the hole and help lock it in place.

Original (Purple) is 35 durometer. Soft (Pink) is 25 durometer.

Available in 1 1/2 lb and 3 lb sizes.

Supreme Support Original Purple and Soft PinkSupreme Support Original Purple and Soft Pink