Denoix Reverse Hind Clipped (GC JMDRHC)


The Reverse Hind Clipped Shoe is designed by Jean-Marie Denoix, DVM, PhD. The Reverse Shoe has a wide heel area coupled with narrow toe branches to give "float" to the heel area and allow sinking of the toe. It offers similar benefits of a wedge shoe without the disadvantages.

The Reverse Shoe provides optimal heel support with open toe and rolling over the dorsocollateral aspects of the foot.

Indications: Clinical manifestations of navicular disease; deep digital flexor tendinopathies or distal check ligament desmopathies.

Sold as eaches. Sizes 5-14. Sizes 11-14 are made from 1/2" thick aluminum. (SIZE 13 AND 14 ARE BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. PLEASE CALL OUR STORE TO PLACE YOUR SPECIAL ORDER.)

$3.00 from the sale of each shoe goes to support ISELP educational programs.

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Denoix Reverse Hind Clipped (GC JMDRHC)Denoix Reverse Hind Clipped (GC JMDRHC)