Journal of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry - Wound & Skin Care Spray

By Chapnick, A and Wilkins, RJ

With the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, more virulent strains, and new pathogens, the need to find more effective antimicrobial agents for the treatment of wounds in veterinary medicine is imperative. One such agent is chlorine dioxide. A new proprietary formulation of chlorine dioxide, a stable complex in aqueous solution at 160 ppm. (Ciderm® SP*) has recently been introduced for veterinary use.
This formulation has been demonstrated, in in-vitro laboratory studies, to kill bacteria in one minute, and is equally microbicidal against viruses, yeast and fungi. Three clinical case examples are presented representing over 30 cases treated successfully over a one year period using this chlorine dioxide complex solution as part of the post operative wound management program. The results demonstrated that this chlorine dioxide complex solution is effective in the management of difficult wounds, both in treating and preventing infection, while preserving viable tissue.

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