Knee Pain and Flip Flops

By Steve Stanley

In the fall of 2007 Frank Antonacci Jr. brought a nice two-year-old trotter in the shop from his Lindy Farm’s stable. This colt had trained well in the winter earlier that year wearing Flip-Flop pads(also called Flappers) but had tried him in PG shoes during the summer racing in an effort to protect his feet from the hard track surfaces he faced over the summer. A PG shoe is a two-piece package that has an aluminum plate nailed to the hoof and a rubber outer layer screwed onto the top of the base plate. PG’s are VERY protective, but can be cumbersome to race in for some horses. Frankie felt that this colt was at his best in Flip-Flops during winter training, he uses them extensively on young trotters. We both agree that Flip-Flops are great on two-year-old trotters with “pinchy” knees, which, at some point in the training process, describes a very large percentage of them. We put the Flip-Flops back on him with very little other changes. The horse responded well and finished his freshman year strongly. Staying in Flip-Flops for the rest of his career Crazed had a very good Three year old campaign( earnings and Record)...

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